Midas on Mainline

"Midas" is the codename for the family of boards consisting of the Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300, GT-I9305, SHV-E210K/L/S) and the Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100, GT-N7105).

There is also a roadmap.

Mainline status

what? chip present on... supported
SHV-E210K/L/S GT-I9300 GT-I9305 GT-N7100 GT-N7105
SoC Exynos 4412 supported
USB - supported
I2C - supported
UART - supported
GPIO - supported
2D GPU FIMG2D v4 supported
Scaler/CSC FIMC supported
Camera FIMC-IS supported
Display Controller FIMD supported
GPU Mali 400MP4 wip - lima
Touchscreen MMS114 supported
Touchscreen MMS152 v4.16
LCD S6E8AA0 supported
LCD EA8061 supported, not mainline
Backlight - supported
LCD S6EVR02 supported, not mainline
Backlight - supported
MHL - supported
Magnetometer AK8975 supported
Accelerometer/Gyroscope LSM330DLC not in dts
Proximity/Light sensor CM36651 supported
Barometer LPS331 unsupported
MFD MAX77693 supported
PMIC - supported
Charger - mostly
MUIC - supported
Haptic - supported
MFD MAX77686 supported
Regulators - supported
Clocks - supported
Fuelgauge MAX17047 mostly
Touchkey Cypress ??? supported, not mainline
Audio WM1811 supported
Machine driver - supported
Radio BCM4334 some
WiFi power on - v4.16
WiFi - supported
BT power on - unsupported
Modem XMM6262 Booting with hacks
Modem MDM9615 unsupported
Modem CMC221 unsupported
Notification LED AN30259A needs dts, driver in v4.20
Rear camera S5C73M3 supported
Front camera S5K6A3 supported
Flash LED AAT1290 v5.3
Flash LED MAX77693 supported, not mainline